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sku: G4L-IE0001

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This pleasant remote control egg is a perfect travel size, with 20 kinds of vibration modes and fully waterproof.


Additional Information

Color Purple
Manufacturer Dibe
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IPed Egg 5 - Purple

IPed EGG 5 is like a rosebud, a delicate and charming flower bud containing great passion energy. IPed EGG 5 is by far the most advanced wireless remote control device with 20 kinds of vibration speed and intensities, it is ultra-quiet and fully waterproof.

IPED EGG 5 Features:

1. 20 kinds of vibration mode function

 2. 7 color LED flashes

3. LED luminous button tips

 4. Effective remote control distance is 12 m

5. 100% pure silicone production

6. 100% fully waterproof design

7. can be as deep as 12cm in the vagina

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