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New from LELO is the world’s first oral sex similator – The ORA, and it’s definatly  giving the human tongue a good run for it’s money!

LELO, the sweedish pioneer in elegant sex-toy design, has created this sophisticated sensual  massager that mimics the human tongue with adjustable vibration, long swirling tongue motions and fast flicks.

Now, when I first heard about and saw  this product, I couldn’t fathom how it actually worked?

In that case I highly recommend watching the video link below to totally understand how this little wonder performs its tricks – you’ll be amazed! – Especially if your extremley fond of the old tongue.

The ORA is unlike anything  else on the market, many companies have tried to create something this lush for years and have failed to produce, finally LELO has perfected it.

The best thing about the ORA is it’s beautiful sleek and compact design (which is great for travel) and so inconspicuous, you could probably keep it on your bathroom bench without any questions!

Available in 3 stunning colours – Midnight Blue, Black and Deep Rose, the LELO ORA is perfect to be used alone or as a third party in your sexual escapades. Although I don’t think anyone will ever be able to replace the human tongue, this little fella gives it a pretty good nudge!



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